Frequently Asked Questions

JYA Sales Pro Software Application is associated with JYA Consulting (SMC-Pvt) Limited registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. JYA Consulting is a member of Pakistan Software Export Board and Lahore Chamber of Commerce.

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JYA Sales Pro is the Real-Time Secondary Sales Software Application with inventory controls is developed in Technology and support Android Application. Further, It is cloud based and hosted on International Resources.

JYA Sales Pro Software Application is cost effective multi purpose solution i.e. tracking and reconciling Sales plus Inventory  status at real time i.e.retrieving data from field sales force to Head office in period of seconds.

Moreover, It fetches the sensitive first hand information of the product mix and provides the edge against the competitor to gauge the pulse of the market trends and patterns.

In sales, every single point percentage increase in volume or value results in heavy revenues.Moreover, revenues are linked with products reach to customer, visibility on shelves and conversion ratios etc…

JYA Sales Pro Software Application has professional support of JYA Consulting which includes business domain Specialists and IT Experts.

It is budgeted at Lower Cost Model with high end technology Support. Further, already tested application in Pakistan and Outside Pakistan.

Moreover, the access to sensitive data is available at client’s finger tips round the clock and around the world.

As the technology is taking the lead in streamlining the operations and management of business affairs, JYA Sales Pro Software Application provides an opportunity to visionary companies for aligning their resources and Product Mix as per Urban vis a vis rural market dynamics at retail level.

The basic model includes

  • Sensing of total population of Retail outlets (number approximately exceeding 700,000 retail outlets in Pakistan- varies by product line) linked with each distributor in various geographical locations i.e. Regions, Areas, Cities, Societies, towns and streets. Further, It facilitates in conducting senses of competitors Product Mix vs. Parent Company Product Mix at retail outlet level. Whereas, the information gathered shall devise a Product Mix Sales Strategy with hands on real time business information. Visionary Companies can visualize the share of Parent Company Products (Stock Keeping Units-SKUs) at different geographical locations and set realistic periodic Sale targets.

  • Order Taking with Permanent Journey Plans shall facilitate routing of salesmen in their respective geographical domains. therefore, It helps to focus on time management and productivity of Sales Team at grass root level. It shall increase the visibility and availability of the Product Mix at retail outlet level including the Sales mechanism of promotions and discounts. Parent Company can take the advantage of dealership to dealership costing model irrespective of their geographical location. i.e. in different or same cities or towns. Moreover, Sale orders are attached with the inventory to avoid overbooking or duplication.

  • Customized Merchandising Model capacity on customer demand can help to gauge the Return On Investment (ROI) directly linked to the Operational Cost (Product placement & advertising at retail outlet level).

  • Customized Project / Task delegation capacity on customer demand to facilitate the communication process including survey, feedback and target settings among chain of command in each geographical location to the salesmen level.

  • Customized Retail outlet Order booking mechanism capacity on customer demand shall be directly linked with Parent Company or distributor for direct selling. Therefore, it can help to absorb sale pressures and support the sales number by technology in times of contingent crisis i.e pandemic etc.

  • Customizable Modules as per Customer demand.

JYA Sales Pro Software Application beats the myth of expansive technological Sales Software Applications.

  • It is budgeted at Lower Cost Effective Model.
  • No Heavy Infrastructure Investment Required.Just Internet Connection and Device Mobile Data.
  • No recruitment cost of IT professional team, the monthly charges includes the support staff management at JYA CONSULTING office.
  • Nominal Software Technology cost,
  • Feasible implementation charges for customization
  • Minimal Monthly charges per user in Local currency.

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JYA Sales Pro Software Application has catered all possible technological level security measures with specifically designed security mechanism. Whereas, the mechanism helps to prevent all the corporate data from unauthorized access.

The access of JYA Sales Pro Team is limited by Parent Company personal PASSWORDS. Moreover, the levels of security define the limits very well (hence the authorized personnel would only do what they are permitted to do as per mutually decided corporate professional protocols)

JYA Sales Pro Software Application is user friendly. Moreover, Training Manuals are provided once the Customization is done and the application is ready to go life.

The basic knowledge of how to open the application,how to click the desired buttons to incorporate data, how to save the data by clicking the SAVE button and how to proceed further with OK button. Similarly, basic knowledge of opening the Sales portal on Laptop, following the basic flow of information and get the printouts of desired Reports.

It requires:

  • Local DSL or Cable modem internet facility at the base center. i.e. Head office, Sales office etc.
  • Active Local Mobile Data for taking Real-Time orders at retail Outlets.
  • Laptop for Web service and Smart Phone for Android service

JYA Sales Pro Software Application ensures the safety of your data by hosting the Software Application on International Resource i.e. Amazon or Microsoft Azure. Whereas, the downtime of Amazon and Microsoft Azure is to the bare minimum as their facilities are backed by International standard Internet Connections, Storage protocols and Safety guidelines. Moreover,

All banks and brokerage houses in the world prefer to use these platforms due to International Resources safety assurance.

Member of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) & Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS (P@SHA)